Spa Massages

Morning Dew   $145 | 80 min    BOOK ONLINE 
(Dew Scrub with Wet Oil Massage)
Invigorating Korean Style Body Scrub followed by soothing wet oil massage. Heavenly.

Ultimate Pleasure   $155 | 90 min   BOOK ONLINE
(Dew Scrub 40 min & Massage 50 min)
Great combination of total relaxation of your tired body and mind. Delightful.

Urban Oasis   $195 | 120 min   BOOK ONLINE
(Massage 60 min & Hydrating Facial 60 min)
Melt the tension away with massage followed by deep hydrating facial. Enchanting.

Balinese Dream   $205 | 110 min   BOOK ONLINE
(Dew Scrub 40 min & Deep Cleansing Facial 70 min)
Total cleansing ritual for your body and your skin. This will leave you feeling smooth and silky soft.

Caribbean Escape   $245 | 140 min  BOOK ONLINE
(Dew Scrub 40 min, Massage 50 min & Dew Facial 50 min)
An exquisite indulgence for your body and mind. You can have it all your way. Profoundly pleasurable.

Paradise Journey   $205 | 120 min   BOOK ONLINE
(Massage 50 min & Deep Cleansing Facial 70 min)
This positive effect balances energy zones within your body. Blissful.

Bliss Voyage   $145 | 90 min   BOOK ONLINE
(Massage 50 min & Express Facial 40 min)
A blissful way to escape the everyday. Very lovely.